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Gadget-ty March 5, 2008

Filed under: Wish List — hana @ 9:21 pm

I’m looking for a mobile phone..with 3g application.

I accidentally came across the phone shop yesterday and goshhh..I am soo in lov wit this LG shine phone. The design is superextremely cool but obviously cant really compete with the Prada phone lah kan. To me this phone looks like a futuristic gadget. Oh saya sgt cool jika pakai fon itu. Boo hoo. But the thing is it has no 3G & thts wht bothering me. And oh its quite affordable too. Mmm..*^&#%@

Bythaway..these is the cool gadget am mentioning abt. *ohh drooling.drooling*


Or else.. this one can make a good bargain tho. NokiaN76. **But i like it better in Red.


Post Note: I need a new hand phone!!!


3 Responses to “Gadget-ty”

  1. devilicious Says:

    boohoo….i’m also looking for a new phone….aiming W910i in red color as there is no pink color…. 😦 no moolahs now…so hoping that someone will get it for me in about 2 months plus….how i wish…. bday wish list…… oh my gosh time flies really fast….. sob sob…. like i’m gonna be like sooooooooooo old soon……aarrgghhh… but look on the bright side young at heart babe….

  2. hana Says:

    la la la.. who’s the lucky fella tht gonna get u tha new handphone babe?? 😛

  3. devilicious Says:

    i dun know i’m ‘hoping’ there is someone out there to get it for me….i’m so broke….. sob….sob…..

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