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change of blog address September 16, 2008

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hey readers,

I have moved to blogspot.




Final and through post March 30, 2008

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hye readers and friends and unknown ;p

Bubblydolly blog will be closing very2 soon. Thanks for the 3k++ hits and tha comments 🙂
p/s: pls email me if u need my new blog url -> dalahana[at]gmail[dot]com


Click on it April 15, 2007

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Hey guys. Click on the url and then click anywher u like. Just click and u’ve done me a favour. ;>



Blog Tagged April 11, 2007

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Bored. Nothing much to do. Browsing thro the net. Got tagged into this. Kinda lov it. Another beneficial stuff for reading purposes. And ideas too *winks*


and my all time fave entertainment/events info site


And for shoe lovers, I bet you gonna dig this as much as I do. Like a hell bunch lot. ;>


Signing out. Hv a nice day peeps


New look April 6, 2007

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Boring. Nothing interesting. Changed new layout. Kinda loved it. How I wish I could have a customized theme/layout for my own blog.


Phots. Pffttt! April 4, 2007

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My fotopages is currently open for viewing ;). Check it out’cha!


Hv a nice sleep. *Muacks!~


Ne Me Quitte Pas March 28, 2007

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… and in French is actually means “don’t leave me”

P/S: Tagged this from Mukhsin tho~