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…? March 7, 2008

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– Am goin back to astr tonite. But wht the heck 9:30pm stil at home for a reason of God knows wht. Excited yg dah tak berapa excited. Baahh.

– I’m eyeing on these renoma satchel bag. Am sooo gonna get it soon babe!!


Man.. the mean-est gossiper :P February 17, 2008

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This evening met wit tha guy fwends of mine for a smoothies and goss session. My oh my, you cant believe it when it comes to the gossips thingie with tha guys. I guess mix.fm morning crew got it all right when they once said tht guys are the greatest gossiper. Well I dunno abt other, but thts my guy fwends. Theyre such a coolio. Wee woo.. ;p

Yestrdy went out with c-da. Aftr a quick lunch we headed to jln tar attempt to buy some tudungs and materials. Sgttt banyak. Likeit.LIke it. But sumtimes when the choices are too plenty you hv a hard time deciding the ONE. So, i end up wit 4 pcs of tudung and 2materials for my new baju kurung. Boooo. Talking abt hana on a v.e.r.y tight budget. ergh. N aftr tht did some groceries shoppin at tesco and had a quickie at the curve.

I seriously in need of a new book. I like chick-lit and i read only selected chick-lit (speaking of how picky I yam when it comes to books). Be it sophie kinsella, karen yampolsky (i just bumped into this one on chicklitbookdotcom) or any author worth reading.

AH.ngantuk. Tmrw keje. Yawnnnn. Nanait people! ;))


fidgetting January 20, 2008

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sales blog?





Howdyy!! January 12, 2008

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I’m back!!!!!



Hey you there? November 29, 2007

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Ok. I know.

I’ve been on a hiatus for quite a longggg time alrdy. Ppl complaining. I’d been busy (oh busy-nya pretending. Bluerghh)

I wanna go somewhere. A nice place. Be Bangkok, bandung, beaches?? etc. etc. Oh heaven-nya (berangan). But i’m stuck here. Booo ho-ho.

Ohh i’ve got new material from Borders the other day. t’was the personal shopper book by carmen reid. Now only managed to finish the 2nd page. Shesshh.

I am very much pissed of wit tha ‘bloody hoots’ at the off. Honestly am soooo sick of being so considerate and nice abt others (or these particular fella(s)–oh ramainya org yg aku tidk suka). So am losing it this time. Anyway, i hv nothin to lose pun. Definately. So why bother?

Aku benci manusia bodho sombong and hipokrasi. Easy peasy.

*Sneeze* Aah my fever+flu is gettin worse. Malas la nak g clinic. The doc ther bukan nak check pun. Lazy arse btol. Buang masa je g sana. Baik swallow panadol/soluble je kat rumah and then tdo.*Aachum*

On another note, HE has been away for more thn 1 week now. So??

I need some Tender Loving Care. Anyone? Hehe.

I wanna play futsalllll!!!


no subject November 12, 2007

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saya pemalas update blog



One litre of tears October 7, 2007

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 “Right now if I don’t write down the things in my heart, tomorrow..then I would forget it and it will dissapear..”

t’was one of my fav quote frm the jdrama.  And I believe tht it has huge number of fans frm all over the places to the extend tht few of ’em even created a blog to translate the aya’s diary which happen to be my current fave reads. Just to share with my fellow readers.. sumthin’ heart-touching to ponder upon.. 

 Diary of Kitou Aya