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One lifeless life September 24, 2007

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…this explains the lack of blog update, tho.

Oh wht a shame. Dengan senang hati nya ponteng terawih and stil hv heart to blog. But hey, I’m back. After a long overdue update. One good thing ūüôā

Just a recap.

Non-related postI hv these kind of¬†“hate-love” feeling over ‘him’ since¬†the reunite. Oh bugger.¬†Am not gonna blog about ‘HE’ / him /¬†guy¬†or whtever name¬†the bloke goes with. At least not in this blog.¬†Na-da a good thing. *finger crossed* :p

I won the¬†“AH” bag yg diidam2kan from ebay auction the other day. yay!!¬†excited¬†ya amat!¬†oh finally! fighting to the v.v.last minutes. God knows how it feels. Dan hanya mereka2 yang pernah bet and kalah saja tau how cranky it was. Frust ya amat. Like duh!
And now to my horror, am addicted to ebay d.. uh.uh. *tap on my back*
Good things are:
1) its online-shopping so you dont hv to drive to the¬†mall. talkin’ abt much more mobility *konon lah
2) can sell ur stuff too.

But on the opposite side
1) Shop anything, anytime, anywhere *dangg!~

Thts explains :-
1) Why am easily broke *like always*
2) The lesser amount of moolahs.
3) Lack of blog updates. Cos every single time¬†I log into ‘net I can’t resist checking on whts hot & whtsnot in ebay instead of WP. Each time w/out fails.

Moral of these ebay thingie: Jgn jadi geek with lifeless life.

I strongly believe tht I hv spend the moolahs I should possibly spend for shoes. After a deep long thoughts, supprisingly.. no purchase of shoes/stilettos for couple of months!!! The last shoes I bought was the Primavera wedges few months ago. Eouuuuuuuuuu Gawdamn!! See ? How pathetic it is?? Sgt kasihan kan saya?

Maka dengan itu saya berazam untuk membeli sekurang-kurangnya Lewre / Aldo shoes sebagai reward utk diri sendiri dan juga kasut raya. Fair & square kan? ūüôā
*Mental Note: Aldo? R u mad?? *just a bit tipsy*

Sangat teruja dan can’t wait to go shop.shop &¬†shop!