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shopping spreeeee March 16, 2008

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Today went for a lunch+bitchin’+goss session with babes. Meet up at the cur*ve  around 11 am n then straight away to lunch. after muchmuch fidgetting, pusing2 cari tempat best dan yg penting ada nasik, and sampai hampir aku dimarah oleh tha babes sbb being so darnblardyfussyandpicky, finally decided to had our post-breakfst + lunch at thai ex*press. Ordered tomyam seafood, sayur n bbq chicken with tamarind sauce. Yummilicious. Makan sgt byk smpai i feel like malas nak bergerak. Tanak g mana2..nk duduk situ je. boleh tak? bluegh.haha. Quite a cozy place. Reasonable price. Lunch for 3 costs around 77rm.  Tapi sgt keji kerana pinggan nasi sangat kecil. Mcm senang je nak buat nasi tu tumpah kan? Ntah ape2 je. bahh.

Aftr tht, had some quickie at the curve and then tiba2 je poooof to sunway pyramid and i finally indulge myself with all theseeeeeeee:-

MANGO satchel bag (God am soooo loving it. sangat cantik and its so looks like renoma bag tht i saw at so*go the other day.)
Stila Lipgloss & Moisturizers + free mug + free makeover session 😛
Eclipse 3inch pink heels..go go agaga hana :p
New sunnies & cropped cardi at the curve
Defin@te lipstick

Wht an impulse buys, isnt it? This is the results of tak shopping lebih dari sebulan. N finally.. ha ha.

*imagine masa shopping td tiba2 bump wit “mr.highmaintenance”..confirm aku akan dikutuk tahap juta2 lemon. huhu. who cares?is it ur money am asking for? 😛


GOSH.they are extremely over the moon. March 12, 2008

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bluegh. Finally. Today got the 1st pay-cheque from M*RA. Ohh bliss. Talking abt dealing with the debts, no shopping for almost 2 freaking whole-months, being in hibernation-mode during wknd, etc2. Now its time to spill the bean. ahaha aku bisa menarik nafas legaaaaaa 😛

Speaking of it.. i am now fidgetting of getting myself another pairs of baju kurungs tht i’ve been eyeing on dkt tesco haritu. Sgt cantik dan tersuka!! N ohh mebbe I can do some shopping too?? A lil splurge on a renoma handbag, new tops and pairs of shuz / wedges wont hurt isnt it? Hey..i’ve been holding to it for 2months tau. Mana tahan. And after all, once in a while tak salah kan..?? (mcm lah aku ni shopping once in a while) hahahahaha *evil laughs*

Something happened at work. Drat. Benci. Imagine. Of all the people in this world.. why do i hv to end up being in the same bloody group with “GUY#1” the-guy-i-dislike-the-most and “GUY#2” the-guy-i-m-trying-to-avoid-of. I cant picture us working together. NO WAY!! Like seriously. Two leastfavepersoninmylife. I just can’t. Make it short..it happens when our instructor gave up the group and the name list. And then when it comes to Group6, ok “the member would be Guy#1, me, and Guy#2.. ” and guess what??? the room goes like sooooooooo noise (yes ppl i mean it) and happy ya amat. Like hellooooo.. wht the heck? Happy sangat ke?? Extremelyover the moon? Rase mcm nak raye?? Keji. Keji. sgt keji. Egh!! N now I feel like taking a m.c tmrw. Tensi berganda2.

Well..maybe it is just not my luck. Or not my day. i dont know. But one thing for sure ‘they’ r not my type. Pathetic.


an iftar to remember :) September 28, 2007

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Hurrahh!! he he. so last nite went for berbuka puasa @chilis. Finally aftr long overdue plan. t’was fun and full of laughter. ANd oh not to mention the piccies too. (yes ppl I soo loved taking pics. I even love it when somebody can snap the phots for me ;P)

ok. back to tha iftar thingie. So ther were only 3 of us. Apparently only 1person aje yg puasa since am in the “false alarm” mode. We started out with the triple play apertizer. oh tell you wht the buffalo wings stil soooooooo yummilicious! N the rest (forgotten the name) were awesome blossom! So we ordered chicken, fajitas, and lamb. Eowwwwwwwww I cant believe I actually ordered lamb. Sgt confident, no denial and w/out objection from my other 2mates. Mebbe diorg pun blur bcos sgt byk gelak and pics snap interruption. By tha way, I’ve got some adorable phots uploaded. Lov all the phots to bits.

Chili’s #1
thanks .y designer for the artwork :p

Chili’s #2
credits to photographer, miss devilicious 😛

After tht managed fo a quickie @parkson. Really adore the bobbi brown two way cake :). Then hopped to lewre. Its on sale up to 70% (yes babe, better be hurry) but euggghhhhh the shoes not so fancy lah nowadays. I suppose those wer the old stocks tht they need to finished off. Di esprit sy sgt teruja yang teramat melihat one bag they carry. Fiddle fiddle sum more, belek2 bag dekat elle pulak.. oh can’t be. Really nice. The price for both pun such a bargain tho.


Finally managed to get a new clogs frm elle. Its cantik! And most importantly its sale for 70% make it less thn 50bucks. Really worth it. I digggggg it a lot! 😀


As a result, pagi tadi I woke up with rasa tekak nak pecah dan meletup sbb panas. duhhhhhhhh!!~


One lifeless life September 24, 2007

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…this explains the lack of blog update, tho.

Oh wht a shame. Dengan senang hati nya ponteng terawih and stil hv heart to blog. But hey, I’m back. After a long overdue update. One good thing 🙂

Just a recap.

Non-related postI hv these kind of “hate-love” feeling over ‘him’ since the reunite. Oh bugger. Am not gonna blog about ‘HE’ / him / guy or whtever name the bloke goes with. At least not in this blog. Na-da a good thing. *finger crossed* :p

I won the “AH” bag yg diidam2kan from ebay auction the other day. yay!! excited ya amat! oh finally! fighting to the v.v.last minutes. God knows how it feels. Dan hanya mereka2 yang pernah bet and kalah saja tau how cranky it was. Frust ya amat. Like duh!
And now to my horror, am addicted to ebay d.. uh.uh. *tap on my back*
Good things are:
1) its online-shopping so you dont hv to drive to the mall. talkin’ abt much more mobility *konon lah
2) can sell ur stuff too.

But on the opposite side
1) Shop anything, anytime, anywhere *dangg!~

Thts explains :-
1) Why am easily broke *like always*
2) The lesser amount of moolahs.
3) Lack of blog updates. Cos every single time I log into ‘net I can’t resist checking on whts hot & whtsnot in ebay instead of WP. Each time w/out fails.

Moral of these ebay thingie: Jgn jadi geek with lifeless life.

I strongly believe tht I hv spend the moolahs I should possibly spend for shoes. After a deep long thoughts, supprisingly.. no purchase of shoes/stilettos for couple of months!!! The last shoes I bought was the Primavera wedges few months ago. Eouuuuuuuuuu Gawdamn!! See ? How pathetic it is?? Sgt kasihan kan saya?

Maka dengan itu saya berazam untuk membeli sekurang-kurangnya Lewre / Aldo shoes sebagai reward utk diri sendiri dan juga kasut raya. Fair & square kan? 🙂
*Mental Note: Aldo? R u mad?? *just a bit tipsy*

Sangat teruja dan can’t wait to go shop.shop & shop!


Of a Nine West Tote Bag August 13, 2007

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Should I? Or shouldnt I? Should I? I need ur opinions. Anyone?? Pls. Pls.
Ya ampun. Sgt fall in lov wit this bag. Sgt mahu ini bag. Yelp!!



Color: white(refer photos below)

Size: Large. Approx: 16″L x 13″H x 10-1/2″W with 8-1/2″ strap drop

Design: as seen in the picture. it also comes with an additional small bag on the inside

Condition: Brand New with Tag.

Shipping: FREE


Ouch.ouch. I lurv white. *wink.wink*


these.. June 11, 2007

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 ..of wht I’ve been drooling over


Agaga new sandal? April 11, 2007

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Oh okie. See. I need a NEW SANDAL (I really do); since my fave ELLE sandal tht I sent to repair the other day telah jadi gilak gara-gara cobbler guy yg menunjuk terer nak paku2 kasut aku pulak. Wtf bro?! And now I cant bear to wear tht sandal, bcos it looks so darn funny, stuphit and WEIRD too. Plus, its kinda unacceptable to a sane mind. Seriously. But takpe.takpe. Now I hv a good reason to go go-aga-ga; It’s shoppink time! ;>