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Borders lounging is a total bliss… August 19, 2007

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Just a quickie :0

Hey all. Bunch of thanks for tha bday wishes~ sms, cards, lovely-friendly-treats, etc2. I heart you all loads! 

16th Aug (so-called whole day celebration)
Bday lunch treat @Kulim Golf Club. Thanks buddies :))
Mommy+Dad+bro Suprise cake delivery to office. yada.yada. I lov suprise! :p
Dinner & Rat-a-too-ee movie treat. *2thumbs UP!*

A special treat at Bakerzin. *wink.wink*
oMg the “Japanese Strawberry Shortcake” sangat sedap. The cake is way toooo small from secret recipe’s but tell u wht, its darn pricey thn secret recipe is ~ 8.90rm per slice. But frankly speaking, its worth a single penny (tho am not the one who paid for it ;p). I really dig the Warm choc cake desert tappas. Sgt yummy.

Am looking at this book… for my Bandung trip. *Sgt gedik kan?* And since am here d.. Hmm.. lemme find it first ya..? :p


p/s: who said my bday can’t be a blast? sumtimes ‘somebody-am-not-keen-to-mention’ can be such a complete loser too. Sgtlah pathetic.