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FYi December 1, 2007

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~The backpacking trip to Bandung is still on~



Post-rafting entry September 4, 2007

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Date & Location : 25th ~ 26th August 2006 @ Rapidfire WhiteWater Park, Sg.Sedim, Kulim

Its fab. Extremely fun.¬†Plus we’ve got special treat frm the “organizer” – RapidFire Team. Its just tht I got my skin tanned due to tht~ sunburn. I hate it. Not nice at all.. especially for tha “wedding” *sigh*

And oh by tha way.¬†Saya sangat marah of tonite’s net connection. Darn it. So blardy slow. And plus sumthing¬†seems not rite wit this stuphit lappie tht gives me unintended irritate.¬†Its¬†like the cursor or pointer of or whtever the name is keep on dragging the unnecessary things at unnecessary time on unnecessary spot. Annoying kan? Manage to finish this entry pun dh sangat bagus. *Durhh*

So pls visit my FP for more rafting photos. just click those link¬†–> bubblydolly’s FP

…toddless with annoying feeling. taaaa~


Am going to Bandung!!! August 12, 2007

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of a bliss wkN @home

Ouh. Ok. Mebbe I over-exaggerated it anyway. But I really am planning for a backpacking trip to Bandung. Well ok. Maybe Bandung has never been in my must-visit travel destination list until I accidentally happened to read a some sort of getaway article abt this Bandung thingie tht makes me soooooo blardy overwhelming. The good part of it, managed to get a buddy to tag along. So got myself a good galfwend as a good company together2 to Bandung. See? How cool was tht? At least for a start. *grin*

So I quickly Go*gle and found out tht Bandung is indeed¬†a retail-theraphy haven for shopaholic like me. Oh gosh I digggggggggggggg shopping like a hell bunch lot! I love travelling too. Then I checked on AirA*ia, so far only manage to¬†get the rm149 tix (/person of one way excluding tax) on Sept. Tht sounds cool.¬†Aite?¬†But heck? September? No-No. Thts too fast babe. The trip would most probly be end of this yr or next yr, God’s will. In fact I’m not planning to go ther¬†in a short while.¬†Plus I hv to pay¬†da baby’s road tax & car insurance in sept. Ther goes my BANDUNG tour fund. *sigh*

So now, you can clearly see the “Backpacking Trip To Bandung” is on TOP of¬†everything in¬†my mental-wish lists. Maybe I’ll start dreamin abt Bandung now & then. Ho ho ho. Talk about anticipation.

Neway, it’s still too early to be overly excited about the trip as I still had to pass the first challenge (don’t ask. Dont dearly ask). But then, am too excited to blog abt it. So let me feel this moment ok? ūüôā

And ohh… chipsmore anyone? ūüėČ

p/s: Back to reality. a lil¬†bit on WWR updates. Done with tha booking thingie. Accomplished. Waitin fer the quotation to be fax to me. Really can’t wait fer the day to come!! Hi.hi.hick!!


Sedim Updates August 1, 2007

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Latest breaking news:-
Call ‘them’ again this morning, 4 or 5 person per raft. So we might need 2 raft liau.

From my side = me + 1 friend = 2¬†person + 1 (reserve as camera-lady) ūüėČ
Zalee side = she + 5 friends = maximum 6 person (Most probably)
Faizal side = tba (Ok. its “to be advise”)

Date as agreed by majority : 25th or 26th Aug wkNd.

So babes. Please advise…


hey babes. Check dis out for WWR update!! :) July 31, 2007

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Ok ladies and guys, here is the updates for¬†OUR sg. sedim white water rafting.. Call ’em just now d.. And guess wht?? Can’t wait to share the¬†good news¬†with¬†u all¬†guys. :))

Venue : Sg. Sedim
Price : RM 120per person (inclusive of lunch, instructor, guide, safety, etc) [See, told ya! Its cheap cheap, kan?]
Min per raft : 6 / 5 person
Booking can be made 1 week before the date & deposit is 50%.
Balance  payment 50% bayar pada hari kejadian. Sekian

So ppl, how??? I’m ON it. Lets discuss abt this, shall we?

Check out this web for more, and more fun.

Sg.Sedim Tree Top Hill


..of wht I’ve been up to June 18, 2007

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~15th June’07- 17th June’07~