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GOSH.they are extremely over the moon. March 12, 2008

Filed under: Kerja,Relationship,Shopping — hana @ 10:12 pm

bluegh. Finally. Today got the 1st pay-cheque from M*RA. Ohh bliss. Talking abt dealing with the debts, no shopping for almost 2 freaking whole-months, being in hibernation-mode during wknd, etc2. Now its time to spill the bean. ahaha aku bisa menarik nafas legaaaaaa 😛

Speaking of it.. i am now fidgetting of getting myself another pairs of baju kurungs tht i’ve been eyeing on dkt tesco haritu. Sgt cantik dan tersuka!! N ohh mebbe I can do some shopping too?? A lil splurge on a renoma handbag, new tops and pairs of shuz / wedges wont hurt isnt it? Hey..i’ve been holding to it for 2months tau. Mana tahan. And after all, once in a while tak salah kan..?? (mcm lah aku ni shopping once in a while) hahahahaha *evil laughs*

Something happened at work. Drat. Benci. Imagine. Of all the people in this world.. why do i hv to end up being in the same bloody group with “GUY#1” the-guy-i-dislike-the-most and “GUY#2” the-guy-i-m-trying-to-avoid-of. I cant picture us working together. NO WAY!! Like seriously. Two leastfavepersoninmylife. I just can’t. Make it short..it happens when our instructor gave up the group and the name list. And then when it comes to Group6, ok “the member would be Guy#1, me, and Guy#2.. ” and guess what??? the room goes like sooooooooo noise (yes ppl i mean it) and happy ya amat. Like hellooooo.. wht the heck? Happy sangat ke?? Extremelyover the moon? Rase mcm nak raye?? Keji. Keji. sgt keji. Egh!! N now I feel like taking a m.c tmrw. Tensi berganda2.

Well..maybe it is just not my luck. Or not my day. i dont know. But one thing for sure ‘they’ r not my type. Pathetic.