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shopping spreeeee March 16, 2008

Filed under: Life,Shopping — hana @ 11:47 pm

Today went for a lunch+bitchin’+goss session with babes. Meet up at the cur*ve  around 11 am n then straight away to lunch. after muchmuch fidgetting, pusing2 cari tempat best dan yg penting ada nasik, and sampai hampir aku dimarah oleh tha babes sbb being so darnblardyfussyandpicky, finally decided to had our post-breakfst + lunch at thai ex*press. Ordered tomyam seafood, sayur n bbq chicken with tamarind sauce. Yummilicious. Makan sgt byk smpai i feel like malas nak bergerak. Tanak g mana2..nk duduk situ je. boleh tak? bluegh.haha. Quite a cozy place. Reasonable price. Lunch for 3 costs around 77rm.  Tapi sgt keji kerana pinggan nasi sangat kecil. Mcm senang je nak buat nasi tu tumpah kan? Ntah ape2 je. bahh.

Aftr tht, had some quickie at the curve and then tiba2 je poooof to sunway pyramid and i finally indulge myself with all theseeeeeeee:-

MANGO satchel bag (God am soooo loving it. sangat cantik and its so looks like renoma bag tht i saw at so*go the other day.)
Stila Lipgloss & Moisturizers + free mug + free makeover session 😛
Eclipse 3inch pink heels..go go agaga hana :p
New sunnies & cropped cardi at the curve
Defin@te lipstick

Wht an impulse buys, isnt it? This is the results of tak shopping lebih dari sebulan. N finally.. ha ha.

*imagine masa shopping td tiba2 bump wit “mr.highmaintenance”..confirm aku akan dikutuk tahap juta2 lemon. huhu. who cares?is it ur money am asking for? 😛


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